Car Crash Injury

A car crash can change everything in your life in an instant. Car, truck, SUV and motorcycle crashes are the leading cause of death for Americans aged 8 to 34, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Car Crash Injury Every 12 to 15 minutes someone is killed in a crash

Every 12 to 15 minutes someone is killed in a crash and more than 2.5 million people each year are killed by crashes.

Millions End Up With Permanent And Catastrophic Injuries

Another troubling fact, about half of those injured come away with permanent and catastrophic injuries such as brain damage, spinal cord damage, broken bones and other injuries that cause disfigurement or loss of bodily functions. These injuries can take away that person's independence and their hope of a bright future.

You Can Never Get Back What You Lost

Anyone who has sustained a very serious injury or lost a family member because of another driver’s mistake, has the right to hold that driver responsible. Though the DiCello Law Firm lawyers can’t change what happened, but they can help compensate you for the terrible, unexpected losses the crash caused.

The DiCello Law Firm can be instrumental in securing payment of medical bills and other necessary financial support for victims who can no longer work or lost their ability to earn a living like they did before the crash. We have even been able to replace the life-time income of a loved one who was lost in a car crash or rendered unable to work again.

Even Less Serious Injuries Deserve Compensation For Their Bills and Lost Property

There are also many cases where car crashes result in less serious injuries. Those people still have a right to fair compensation and the lawyers at the DiCello Law Firm are willing to help in that fight. Likewise, when the irresponsible driver who caused the car crash doesn’t have insurance the car crash victim is forced to face their own insurance company to recover the benefits they paid for in case of an uninsured motorists or an underinsured motorist. These are often difficult cases made more so because the victim’s own companies aren’t afraid to fight to avoid paying insurance benefits even if you’ve never missed a premium payment.

It Is Important To Find The Actual Person or Entity Responsible For The Accident

Car and truck crash cases sometimes involve even bigger problems. Some of these bigger prbolems include truck companies not following their rules and regulations, bad highway design, bad design of an automobile, airbag failures or even liquor liability claims against bars and restaurants that serve drivers that are allowed to leave these establishments drunk.


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When the person or entity responsible is not just the car or truck that hit you, all those responsible need to be held accountable. The job of the lawyers at the DiCello Law Firm includes finding all those responsible for causing or contributing to the loss our clients are made to suffer.

If you have been involved in an auto or truck accident, we can assist. Our trial lawyers at the DiCello Law Firm who specialize in such cases will help you. We regularly work with some of the most accomplished experts in the country to obtain compensation injuries you or a loved one has suffered due to a car crash that just wasn’t your fault.

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