Class Action

The DiCello Law Firm is nationally recognized for their work in class action cases and has been a part of some of the largest class actions in the history of the United States. If you believe that you are among many people who have been hurt by a corporation, we can help.

The following articles might help you find more information about specific topics within the Class Action practice area. Class Action


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Class Actions

Class Action lawsuits and Mass Tort Lawsuits share the general goal of efficiently resolving claims that affect large numbers of people. And, each type of action involves special procedures for managing potentially difficult and complex issues.

Class Actions Potentially difficult and complex issues

Fairport Gas Explosion

On the morning of January 24, 2011, thousands of Fairport Harbor, Ohio residents awoke to home explosions, fires and evacuations. Malfunctioning gas lines throughout the city drove people during the morning hours into the streets.

Fairport Gas Explosion Class action suit against Dominion

Imprelis Herbicide

Imprelis is the brand name of a herbicide sold by DuPont Professional Products, a division of DuPont De Nemours and Company. DuPont marketed Imprelis as an environmentally friendly alternative to the commonly used 2,4-D herbicide. But it wasn’t!

Imprelis Herbicide Damage to Trees Trees near turf treated with Imprelis started to have curling needles