Bard Kugel Mesh Patches (for Hernias)

Bard, a subsidiary of Davol Inc. made Composix Kugel Meshes patches to fix hernias. However once inside of a person, they sometimes break into pieces. Bard Kugel Mesh Surgeons are not able to remove all of the mesh

These pieces then attach to other parts of the inside of a person. Once attached to different organs and nerves inside the person, it can cause severe pain.

These people are made to have to go through surgeries to try to repair or remove the mesh. Sometimes, the mesh breaks into so many pieces that surgeons are not able to remove all of the mesh. Worst of all, the reason why the mesh went in, the hernia, is still a problem!

The problem is caused by the mesh patch’s plastic memory recoil ring not being able to handle the increased stress of certain surgical implant techniques.


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Davol, Inc and its parent company C.R. Bard Inc. have made millions off of their Composix Kugel Mesh Patch product. Even though they continue to make millions off of their Kugel Mesh Patch, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been putting out warnings and recalls about the product since as early as December 2005. The FDA warnings say that if a person who received a mesh patch experiences symptoms that could be associated with hernia mesh patch memory recoil ring breakage; they should seek medical help immediately. These symptoms include unexplained or persistent abdominal pain, fever, tenderness at the implant site, or other unusual symptoms.

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