DePuy™ ASR Hip Replacement Recall

When medical supplies malfunction and harm a large number of patients there are often reasons beyond simple human error. DePuy™ ASR Hip Replacement Recall The manufacturer is aware of the problem, but does not recall the product or delays the recall

When the manufacturer is aware of the problem, but does not recall the product or delays the recall, justice can be achieved for those patients by taking legal action against the manufacturer. DePuy Orthopedics, a branch of Johnson & Johnson, is guilty of just that.

The Depuy ASR™ Hip caused all these problems because the metal joint that Johnson & Johnson made was shredding small metal peices off of the joint and into the blood steam. Once in the blood stream, these metal shards were causing havoc on the person's body. Some of the symptoms these people were made to go through was the danger of metal poisoning, painful revision surgery, organ failure and in some extreme cases, death.

Even though Johnson & Johnson knew there was a high probability that their Depuy ASR™ Hip had the ability to cause all these problems, Johnson & Johnson did not pull the product off of the market right away. They used loopholes in the FDA process to delay the recall as long as they could. They did not want to loose money on one of their products by having to take it off of the market. They put profits before people and that is unexpectable.


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The DiCello Law Firm specializes in holding large corporations accountable for putting profits in front of people. Help the DiCello Law Firm send a message to Johnson & Johnson that taking advantage of you is not ok.

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