Hand and Wrist Injuries

The hand and wrist consist of 27 bones. When the other associated structures (nerves, arteries, veins, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joint cartilage) are considered, the potential for a variety of injuries exists when trauma involves the hand. Hand and Wrist Injuries Hand and wrist injuries account for nearly 10% of hospital Emergency Department visits.

Urgency of Treatment

The goal with injuries to the hand and wrist is a rapid and accurate initial evaluation. Once an injury occurs, begin medical treatment quickly so the short- and long-term effects can be minimized.

Hand and wrist injuries account for nearly 10% of hospital Emergency Department visits. The most common cause of the injuries was blunt trauma (50%) followed by injury from a sharp object (25%).

How does a Sprain Differ?

A sprain to these structures is an injury to the ligaments without any evidence of bone injury (that is, no broken bones or cracks in the bone). With a sprain, there is usually only a partial tearing of the ligaments. In a severe wrist sprain, there can be a complete tear.


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A fractured or broken wrist means there is a break or a crack in one or more of the bones of the hand or wrist.

A strain is where there is a tearing of the muscle fibers in the area surrounding the wrist.

Form follows function in the hand and wrist; therefore, any injury to the underlying structures carries the potential for serious handicap. To reduce this risk, even the smallest hand or wrist injuries require a good medical evaluation.

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