Knee and Shoulder

Knee and Shoulder injuries can be among the most painful injuries you or a loved one can suffer. The most serious knee and shoulder injuries can result in the need for joint replacement surgery and forever impact your ability to earn a living for yourself and your family. Knee Injury The medical and financial needs last a lifetime

The medical and financial needs last a lifetime and are more expensive than any one person can afford.

The attorneys at the DiCello Law Firm represent people with the full range of knee and shoulder injuries. We know the medical issues. We have a network of experts who can assess the extent of injuries. We understand and fight for the appropriate medical and financial needs of the injured person.

Why are Knee and Shoulder Injuries Different?

The affect of a serious knee or shoulder injury on someone is obvious. These injuries often occur without the victim ever breaking a bone. That’s because these joints are similar in the complexity of the soft tissues – muscles, ligaments, and tendons – that hold them together. When these tissues are torn whether from a car or truck crash, a fall from an elevated surface, a construction accident or premises liability mistake, the lives of the victim and their family is changed immediately. We know that victims of these injuries will need care givers and accommodations from their employers. We are committed to holding those responsible for these injuries to obtain the necessary compensation for our clients. Our lawyers have extensive investigative experience as well as access to experts.


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Working with experts in knee and shoulder surgery

A knee or shoulder injury can change your life. The DiCello Law Firm works with experts in knee and shoulder surgery, rehabilitation and long term needs to understand just how much medical and financial resources are needed to take care of the costs of lost wages, pain, suffering and future medical bills.

If you or someone you know has suffered a knee or shoulder injury, call the lawyers at The DiCello Law Firm. Our trial lawyers who specialize in such cases will help you. We regularly work with some of the most accomplished experts in the country to obtain compensation for the knee or shoulder injury you or a loved one has suffered due to the mistakes of another.