Complex Truck Crash Litigation

Truck crashes often result in multiple injuries and sometimes, unfortunately, multiple fatalities. The crashes often result in many lawyers that may be local or from around the Country participating in the case. Complex Truck Crash Litigation An Organized Approach is Necessary to Prosecute Complex Truck Litigation

The DiCello Law Firm has organized and lead groups of lawyers in developing strategies and approaches to obtain justice for those injured and killed by big trucks.

An Organized Approach is Necessary to Prosecute Complex Truck Litigation

At The DiCello Law Firm, we’ve been able to organize multiple law firms on a single case with dozens of truck company defendants. Typically this will occur when there is a chain reaction collision. These may happen when a convoy or line of trucks approach changing traffic conditions without due caution.

They also happen when a line of trucks encounter bad weather conditions and fail to change their driving habits to conform safely to the changing conditions. When this occurs, many big trucks and cars become tangled in horrible crashes with multiple victims.


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Justice for Victims Requires Truck Crash Lawyers to ”Think Outside” the Box

When the victim’s lawyers begin to investigate these events often they have a rare opportunity to pool resources and ideas. When it’s done right, the outcome can be justice for our clients. That is the experience at The DiCello Law Firm. When faced with these types of cases we have:

  • Established dedicated on-line servers
  • Consolidated expert reviews
  • Developed investigative strategies
  • Established discovery protocols
  • Developed trial strategy
  • Engaged in joint prosecution agreements
  • Created fee sharing arrangements

All of these capabilities and this experience have helped families from around the Country get justice. The DiCello Law Firm Lawyers can help you. If you have been in a big truck crash and need our help please call at 888-778-8880 today.