Insurance and Big Truck Crashes

Trucks and Truck companies are required to carry higher insurance limits than any car driver because the industry understands that there is no such thing as a minor truck crash. Insurance and Big Truck Crashes Minimum coverage is at least $750,000

Financial Responsibility by Federal Law

Federal law imposes minimum financial responsibility requirements on motor carriers, that is, big trucks. For most commercial vehicles on the road their minimum coverage is at least $750,000. If the motor carrier carries hazardous materials or people the limits are much, much higher.

Insurance Companies Have to Provide Coverage for a Wide Range of Truck Crashes

There is also a rule that is referred to as an “endorsement for motor carrier policies of insurance for public liability” under sections 29 and 30 of the motor carrier act of 1980 that is applicable to motor carriers. This rule is often referred to as a Form MCS – 90 or the MCS-90 endorsement. The United States Department of Transportation promulgated these regulations. The MCS-90 endorsement reads, generally that the insurance company agrees to pay a claim regardless of defenses an insurance company would otherwise have in the absence of the endorsement.

Some Insurance Coverages can be “Stacked” in Truck Crash Cases

Also, in tractor-trailer cases, many times, the tractor and trailer are not owned by the same company. In those cases, there is often separate coverage on the trailer that acts as secondary coverage to the tractor. Where this occurs, there may be more coverage for you by virtue of stacking policies.


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Finally, when a tractor is owned by an owner/operator and it is being driven without a trailer or not under dispatch, bobtail coverage, which is often a separate policy altogether, can come into play.

Determining Financial Responsibility for a Big Truck Crash Requires Experience and Expertise

Insurance coverage issues can be very complicated. At The DiCello Law Firm our lawyers have dealt with these insurance issues. They have undertaken lengthy Court battles to find insurance coverage that our clients were told didn’t exist. Those battles have required not only reconstruction experts but also insurance experts that force the trucking industry to recognize coverage.

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