Rear End Crash in the United States

Each year about 400,000 trucks are involved in car, truck and motorcycle crashes. Eighteen percent of the trucks are involved in rear-end crashes. Many factors can affect the risk and results of rear-end crashes. Rear End Crash Each year about 400,000 trucks are involved in crashes

Trucks can be 40 or more times heavier than the other vehicles on the road. They are less maneuverable, start more slowly, and take longer to stop.

Truck Drivers are in a Better Position than Other Drivers to See and Avoid Getting Involved in Rear-End Crashes

Truck drivers usually sit up much higher than car drivers, so the truck driver can see much further down the road. In addition, trucks are used almost exclusively in a work setting as part of a job. These factors affect the risk and results of rear-end crashes.

Truck Drivers are Professionals Trained in Techniques Designed to Eliminate the Risk of Rear-End Crashes

A truck driver is a professional. A truck driver is taught to avoid rear end collisions by seeing, evaluating, and acting upon all information available including always being aware of traffic up to a quarter mile ahead. This allows the truck driver to obtain the complete traffic picture of traffic and road conditions that affect who the truck must be operated.

This also means truck drivers must use proper scanning techniques so they can drive defensively, or stated another way, separate safe drivers of other vehicles from people who make bad mistakes. All truck drivers are taught that what separates truck drivers from a crash is space. They are taught to use space management to their advantage. Finally, truck drivers are taught and must always be aware that eye contact and use of warning devices keep everyone on the road safe.


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Rear-End Crashes are Totally Preventable Occurrences in the Trucking Industry

When a rear end crash happens between a truck and a car it’s because the truck driver has failed to use proper driving technique. That could be because of fatigue, illness, inattention, poor training, overly aggressive work performance requirements, mechanical failure, cargo shift, drug abuse, or simple carelessness. But what’s important is that all rear end crashes between a truck and a car are preventable.

The DiCello Law Firm has a strong record of success in litigation involving truck crashes. Our attorneys continue to represent victims and families of victims injured by truck crashes in Ohio and throughout the United States.