Truck Company Responsibility

Every time a truck crash occurs the truck driver has rules to follow that are different from car drivers. For instance, it’s common for truck companies to tell their drivers to never admit fault no matter the truth of the crash. Truck Company Responsibility Trucking rules are different from car rules

Their drivers are also told to immediately call a supervisor so the company’s investigators and lawyers can be sent to the scene of the accident to protect the company’s interests. They do this because truck accident cases can cost a truck company millions of dollars.

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Truck Company Lawyers Arrive at the Scene of the Crash to Protect the Truck Driver and the Company – Not the Victim

Truck companies look to protect their interests so much that many times a truck company’s lawyers will be on the scene along with emergency response personal. It’s no surprise that many companies also see to it that their unsafe driver is provided with the best lawyers at traffic court.

Level the Playing Field

You deserve the same representation truck companies and their drivers get. The DiCello Law Firm lawyers have been recognized across the country for their work on truck crash cases. Aside from large recoveries The DiCello Firm enjoys the distinction of serving on the National Advisory Board and Emergency Response Team of the Association of Plaintiffs Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America (APITLA).

The DiCello Law Firm lawyers have also spoken around the United States regarding litigation strategy in major truck crash cases. They will make sure you don’t get out lawyered in what is a very difficult area of the law.

Truck Company Responsibility

Truck Crash Cases Require Lawyers who have Extensive Experience in Truck Crash Rules and Industry Practices

These cases are more difficult and worth more than a typical car accident because trucking companies have more rules governing how they operate.

For example, trucking companies must ensure that:

  • Good hiring decisions are made
  • Vehicle maintenance is performed
  • Other essential duties are completed in order to avoid devastating crashes on the road

If a trucking company fails to protect others on the road, they may be held responsible for all of harms and losses that are caused by a crash. When they break these rules or turn a blind eye on them, they need to be held accountable.

The DiCello Law Firm has Lawyers that have Extensive Experience in Truck Crash Cases

The DiCello Firm lawyers have discovered that in so many cases trucking companies violate their duties by not doing background checks of their drivers. Others may do background checks but don’t provide ongoing training and instruction to ensure safe driving.

In other cases, after serious accidents we discovered that the trucking companies turn a blind eye or worse encourage their drivers to drive excessive hours or in horrendous weather conditions that all but ensured catastrophe.


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In another case The DiCello Firm lawyers discovered that a trucking company failed to prevent drivers with dangerous medical conditions or without medical clearance to drive trucks. While in yet other instances, we have found that some companies hire dispatchers that don’t listen to driver’s concerns or fail to assign routes that can be driven safely or at safe speeds. The common thread to all these examples – companies putting profit ahead of safety.

Truck Company Responsibility

Justice Requires that Truck Companies be Responsible for the Conduct of their Employees

The DiCello Firm realize that although truck drivers have the ultimate responsibility for their trucks, the companies they drive for must be held responsible for allowing and even encouraging unsafe driving. Unfortunately, we’ve found time and time again companies that put profit ahead of safety change only after a catastrophic or fatal accident has happened.

The DiCello Law Firm has a strong record of success in litigation involving truck crashes. Our attorneys continue to represent victims and families of victims injured by truck crashes in Ohio and throughout the United States. If you, a loved one or a family member has been in a truck accident or if you lost a loved one or family member in a truck accident, call us at 1-888-778-8880.