Truck Crash Injury

The DiCello Law Firm played the lead role in one of the nation’s largest tractor-trailer crashes. The crash changed the lives of families from around the United States. Truck Crash Injury It’s supposed to be all about safety!

The scene began on a remote stretch of wintery road on the Pennsylvania Interstate:

Snow continued to play havoc on the Interstate ... during a heavy snowfall, not one but three multi-vehicle accidents took place ... The first accident occurred in both the eastbound and westbound lanes ... It involved approximately 30 tractor-trailers, around 20 passenger vehicles, and resulted in six fatalities. There were still four or five vehicles, including a semi, still burning come sunrise in the westbound lanes, that prevented investigators from beginning their work. (Excerpted from Associated Press)

Because of the Size and Weight of Big Trucks, Safety has to be the Priority

Large commercial trucks like tractor-trailers or eighteen-wheelers can be deadly. They weigh up to 20 times as much as a passenger car, virtually guaranteeing that they’ll crush smaller vehicles in an accident. Truck drives know this FACT. Truck drivers are professionals. They are held to higher standards because unlike so many on the road they make their living driving.

The companies they work for use the public roads for profit. Truck drivers receive special training in safety regulations. They are required to have superior knowledge of road conditions. They are required to have superior knowledge of how to drive their truck. They have to be familiar with the performance characteristics of their vehicle. They have to keep detailed records for each trip they make.

They have to record every mile and are required to perform an inspection of their vehicle before each trip they make and during a trip, in many circumstances have to repeat that vehicle inspection. In short, it’s supposed to be all about safety!

When Profit Becomes More Important than Safety People are Injured and Killed

Unfortunately, all too often, in an effort to maximize profits and meet deadlines some truckers and trucking companies ignore these safety regulations. The rules of truck driving are well known in the trucking industry and by the Truck Crash lawyers at the DiCello Law Firm.


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The DiCello Law Firm has a strong record of success in litigation involving truck crashes. We have been invited onto the national advisory boards for trucking lawyers and have spoken around the country on trucking litigation strategy. Recent wins include a confidential settlement for the children of parents killed by commercial trucks as well as another confidential settlement on behalf of a family that lost their father and husband to a truck driver who lost control of his vehicle.

Our attorneys continue to represent victims and families of victims injured by truck crashes in Ohio and throughout the United States.