How Truck Crashes are Different

Everyone understands that the size and weight of a truck makes them generally more dangerous to operate than cars. But there’s more. Consider for a moment that big trucks have a variety of characteristics that make them not only challenging, but require expertise in both driving and maintenance. Truck Crashes are Different Big Trucks Have a Higher Center of Gravity That Make them More Dangerous

Truck Drivers Have to Anticipate Danger while other Motorists do not

To begin, a truck driver sits much higher than passenger car drivers. This gives the truck driver a distinct advantage when looking ahead. In truth, this advantage allows the truck driver to anticipate everything from changing traffic patterns to changing weather conditions. This advantage can be lost if the driver is fatigued or has bad windshield wipers or a faulty defogging system that causes impaired visibility.

Braking Systems on Tractor Trailers are More Complicated than other Motor Vehicles

Trucks have different braking systems than cars. Truck drivers have to be mindful that excessive or improper braking can not only cause expensive and unnecessary wear to their braking systems but also can lead to breaking failures. This leads drivers to employ different breaking techniques that while effective in minimizing some forms of wear and tear can cause a truck to lose control.

Additionally, trucks may have different breaking systems on their truck that render their antilock brakes useless. That is, they may have antilock braking on their trailers but not the truck, or because of how the trailers are configured or maintained they may not have the benefit of antilock braking and that can have tragic consequences.


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Big Trucks Have a Higher Center of Gravity That Make them More Dangerous

There are other issues as well. Big trucks have multiple axles and a higher center of gravity and multiple pivot points. Any one of these characteristics requires a higher standard of care but together they create an absolute responsibility of safety. That’s because if a big vehicle with these characteristics loses control, they become deadly.

At the DiCello Law Firm our lawyers have seen first-hand how the operational characteristics of a big truck have been taken for granted by drivers and their companies at the expense of human life.

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