Difference of Trucking Industry Rules

Truck crash cases are different than regular car crash cases. People who need a truck crash lawyer shouldn’t assume that lawyers who hold themselves out as car crash or auto law lawyers can't handle a big truck case. Trucking Industry Rules Truck Crash Cases Require Truck Crash Lawyers

Truck Crash Cases Require Truck Crash Lawyers

Lawyers who want to handle truck crash cases must have an intimate knowledge of what State and Federal rules and regulations apply and then be able to apply them to every possible defendant in a truck crash.

The defendants can include not only the driver but also the dispatcher, trucking company, broker, shipper, loading personal, etc. Specific experts may also be necessary to drill down on which theories to pursue to prove the case.

The DiCello Law Firm has Truck Crash Lawyers

The DiCello Firm lawyers understand what State and Federal rules need to be applied to the cases they decide to pursue. Our lawyers have extensive experience successfully developing truck accident cases. Call 1-888-778-8880 to learn how our legal team can help you.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) set the Standard of Care for Truck Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) set the national standard of care for the operation of trucks and trucking companies. Some of the rules are very specific, but most set a framework without specifying how a carrier needs to act to be compliant. Examples of some of the things the FMCSR give guidelines to are: preventing fatigued drivers, defensive driving to avoid rear end crashes, how to make a proper left hand turn, how to prevent cargo shifts, and much more.


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To fully appreciate the "rules" that govern trucking, a truck crash lawyer must consider not only the FMCSRs but also the evolving industry standards. Because of this, you need a lawyer with extensive truck accident lawsuit experience.

The FMCSRs Apply to Every Truck Company Employee

As the name suggests FMCSRs apply to Motor Carriers and the equipment they use. To say it another way, the rules apply to all employers, employees, and commercial motor vehicles, which transport property or passengers in interstate commerce.

Most states have adopted the FMCSRs. However, in some instances states have adopted some but not all of the FMCSR provisions. Your lawyer needs to look for any exceptions and/or modifications at the state level.

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