Underride Truck Crashes and their Causes

Underrides are often catastrophic and fatal events that occur when passenger vehicles crash under the trailer of a truck. Truck Crash Injury Underride crashes often result from improper parking

This may happen because a truck driver doesn’t pay attention when turning the truck to the left or right. The car drivers then find themselves unable to stop their car in time to avoid going under the truck.

This may also happen when truck drivers don’t make sure their tractor and trailer are visible to other drivers. This happens in a variety of circumstances.

Underride Crashes Often Result from Improper Parking

For instance, some truck drivers improperly park their rig partially off the road during bad weather conditions. The part of the vehicle that is still in the road becomes a deadly hazard to other traffic.

Underride Crashes Often Result from Inadequate Lighting or Reflective Tape

Underrides also happen when truckers don’t make sure other drives can see their tractor and trailer when the trucker has to operate the rig across the road. A truck may need to be operated across the road when a trucker needs to pull into or out of loading, unloading or parking areas. Most of the time tragedies happen when the trucker in this circumstance doesn’t have proper reflective tape or lights or other warning devices that would warn other drivers of the presence of the truck.


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Underride Crashes Often Result from Poorly Maintained Equipment

Finally, underrides may happen when a trucker has to deal with a mechanical issue that requires the truck be partially off of the road. When that happens, the trucker has to use the proper safety equipment – flairs, cones, triangles, etc., to warn drivers of the truck up ahead or around a curve. If the trucker doesn’t tragedy and loss of life can occur.

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